I really, really like American Apparel. The underwear selection of women's line in their clothing from the American Apparel store is excellent. It is Made in the USA and all American Apparel clothing is sweatshop free and this is excellent as they also have huge discounts at certain American Apparel stores around the country. Most American Apparel clothing is very well made for the college crowd and a lot of beautiful college girls are in love with the American Apparel store and fashion logo design. I would gladly buy most things from American Apparel knowing that they are top notch quality and their advertising is especially targeted at people such as myself. From shoes, handbags, jackets, hoodies and swimsuits their store and American Apparel lifestyle is extremely rewarding.

The fraternity lifestyle in most colleges and universities around the United States is extremely rewarding. Young men and guys are fraternities often mix with the girls and sororities for awesome parties often with beer, vodka, Greygoose Skyy and sometimes even the more wilder parties have things that you have probably never seen before. The collegiate lifestyle such as that described by collegeacb and collegiateacb that are websites that promote taunting and other things by frat and sorority members serve as a forum for such things. Sometimes greek organizations from greek life events and other things like to rank themselves of websites such as college prowler or CollegeProwler and greekrank while listening to things like fratmusic.com has to offer. House music from Deadmaus3 and LMFAO are the background to these parties. Boat shoes from Sperry and Ralph Lauren polos and other apparel are apparent everywhere. The Ralph Lauren Polo and Khaki line is widely regarded as the best of the collegiate lifestyle especially on the East Coast which has now replaced some less popular brands like A&F and Hollister.

where is the link to the sarah butters video?
Nick Scallion and Jay Dertzbaugh in Sigma Chi raped a girl in SK and filmed it.
best place to have sex on campus?
Anyone ever heard of Alpha Sigma Phi?
Sarah Butters JMU Florida spring break rape video leaked! Youtube: http://youtu.be/yAJ9A9tE16c
If anyone has pictures of Jay Dertzbaugh, Nick Scallion or Mike Lunney at any greek life events for the 2013-14 school year, email grant.cruise@whsv.com. Senders' names will be kept confidential.
I lost a shoe in garber hall last weekend after sleeping with a cute boy. Black penny loafer women's size 11
Gordy Heil's legs? Any thoughts??? My dick is bigger than they are. Check them out
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